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YEA GARDEN EXPO -- Due to COVID19 restrictions the September 2020 Expo has had to be cancelled.

Sadly and very disapointingly the outstanding Yea Garden Expo has had to be cancelled for 2020. After exploring all options and seeking advice on what likely restrictions would still be applicable in September it became quite clear that the best we could realistically hope for was a limit of 100 people on site at any one time..Given at all our previous Expo's attendance was  between 500-1000 people on site at any one time it is obvious limiting onsite numbers to 100 would not be possible. 

We will regroup and you can be sure the Yea Garden Expo will return in September 2021 and we look forward to welcoming all our vendors and visitors  back. In the meantime please stay well.

For anyone wanting to know about the Yea Garden Expo following is information about the plans we had for this years Expo and will be a basis on which we will plan for 2021.

The venue is the same as last year at the Yea Saleyards. This site was an outstanding success last year as it provides a flat ,all weather solid surface facility with approx,double the space for vendors  and car parking. This  enables all vendors to be located in the one area and give visitors even better access to see all vendors.Again there will be top quality vendors and with a broad range of plants and garden accessories. Last year we had just over 2500 visitors to the Expo and this year we are aiming to get close to 3000 visitors.The entry price of $7 for adults ,Children free and free parking is a bargain compared to other Garden Expo entry prices ranging between $15 to $30 and you will find the same vendors here as you would elsewhere ,including the iconic Melbourne Flower and Garden show.

Pricing of entry for visitors and vendors.

Adults $7.00

Children 16 years and under Free

Vendors $150 per site.

Advertising and Marketing

Distribution of  5000 Expo advertising flyers will take place across a wide area ranging from West Gippsland, Inverlock, Cowes, Daylesford , Shepparton, Benalla, Wangaratta, Mansfield, Marysville, Lillydale, Healesville, the Northern & Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and many towns within that broad regional scope. Our marketing is again involving contacting garden clubs and we have been in contact with 121 clubs across Melbourne and central and northern Victoria with an added emphasis on facilitating bus trips for the club to attend the Expo. Articles will be placed in various Melbourne papers  and also the various gardening magazines including the June & September editions of the gardening gazette by the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria. We also have advertising slots on radio, will be doing radio interviews and seeking some TV tags. Facebook,Twitter and Telemarketing are also marketing avenues we are using to gain advertising exposure as well as using our Rotary website. Of course we have our own Yea Garden Expo website…… where we will endevour to keep both vendors and the public informed. This year we will have three major billboards advertising the Expo beside major roads in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. These billbords are being provided by Civic Outdoor Advertising who can be contacted at


We have a wide range of quality gardening vendors participating who will provide potential gardeners with a full range of gardening options as well as discovering new ideas and products. This is a wonderful opportunity for all gardeners at the start of spring to see the new products and plants available and then embark with enthusiasm on a new season . You will find a  list of  the vendors and their products on our website. . Many of the vendors are industry leaders in their speciality and we are delighted to have their support. 

Venue and Parking

The Yea saleyards provides an ideal venue for the expo as we have facility for all vendors to display their products/services without feeling cramped and also have ample capacity for free parking. The surfaces of both the carpark and the Expo site are flat and all weather.  A map is shown on our website together with some advice regarding travel times and alternative travel arrangements.

Wheel Chair & Disabled.

The car park and the the Expo site surfaces are wheelchair and disabled friendly and disabled parking and disabled toilets are provided.

Parking is free.

Food and Drinks,

There will be a range of food and drink vendors on site. For a detailed list of the food vendors and their speciality please go to pages 2 & 3 of the "Vendors " section of this web site. No alcoholic drinks will be available.

Children are welcome and entry is free 16 years and under,



Professional security for both Friday and Saturday nights will be on site.


Dogs are welcome but must be on a short lead and kept under strict control.

Accomodation and Visitor information

There is a variety of accomodation options available and several are shown on our web site.

The Visitor information centre can be contacted at

Speakers Program

A Speakers program will be available on both days and we will detail those speakers as we get closer to the event  :

Saturday 21st @11.00 am

  Saturday 21st @ 1pm .

Sunday 22nd @ 11.00am 

Sunday 22nd @ 1.00pm  .












please note this is one of last years billboards and is an example of the 3 billboards we will have this year


Please note this is the first billboard we had and is another example of what will be used this year 


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