A Rotary Club of Yea Project


Rotary Succulents   - an interesting range and variety of succulents


Sunset Valley Chicks ----breeder and hand raises a variety of pure bred chickens including Sussex,  Pekins, Silkies, Game Fowl, Belgium D'Uccle, Wyandottes, Leghorn and Australorp.


GM Rare Bulbs--- George and Matt have a passion for growing unusual bulbs,mainly focused on South African and South American geophytes.   Both George and Matt  are very enthusiastic about the plants and people's experiences in growing them. They are avid collectors of these rare bulbs and it is a terrific opportunity to chat to two experts and select  some rare bulbs for your own garden.


Crafted by Bees..... an interesting range of natural honey products


Sunshine and Dirt..... Tim,Jamie and Heidi will be coming to the expo with a wide range of succulents, hanging plants and indoor plants and also bringing  a few potted Pacific Coast Iris.


Sheep Manure Fertilizer.... Another new vendor this year with the ideal fertilizer for your garden . This fertilizer is totally organic and free of any additives. Peter & Meagan gather this fertilizer from their own property near Yea so you can rest assured the product is the real deal.


Upper Goulburn Landcare...they will be available to provide advice on weeds, sprays and any other environmental queries. The Murrindindi Shire environmental group will also share this site and be available to give advice from a council perspective.


All About Gardens & Landscaping   are an exciting new vendor this year with their range of rare and unusual plants. Ben is also an expert landscaper and can give you advice if you are thinking of reshaping your garden or are looking to create something new. They will also be bringing some unusual plants from their close friends of the Muskers Rare Plant Nursery at Jindivick.


Red Hot Coffee    a great place to buy a nice cup of coffeee to keep you going


Rotary Club of Yea B/B/Cue     serving locally sourced gourmet sausages and hamburgers


3 Beans Coffee  they have a range of food including hot dogs, egg & bacon rolls, hot jam donuts as well as top quality coffee


Mr Quick Whip     serving cold drinks and a variety of ice creams


Yea Wetlands   they will be operating from the canteen area and serving sandwiches and morning and afternoon tea.


Mr Preet   ..   a delightfull and tasty range of Indian food will be available


Bamboo Creations     are a new vendor this year and specilize in a wide range of bamboo plants. They also have a range of indoor and outdoor plants.Their web site gives an excellent review of the range of the different  bamboo types for each particular situation.


Bob & Barb Glenister  are local creators of a wide range of garden ornaments that can add that touch of flair and interest around a garden. These creative ornaments give those little surprises as you browse your garden. Bob is also a top notch landscape gardener who can give you some handy tips.


Di's Delightful Plants   a colourful range of all sorts of plants ready for you to create a spring & summer garden delight. More information is available on their web site


Gutterguard are a new vendor this year and will have on display their latest products to protect those pesky leaves etc from clogging up your gutters. They are also able to do the installation if required. The product comes in different colours hence can in most instances match up with the roof colour.


Waterwand    specialists in watering your garden in particular utilising solar power to drive the timings and extent of the watering process


Dinkum Sheds  A local business specialising in all types of sheds ranging from many types of garden sheds up to larger sheds for garages and beyond. 



please note this is one of last years billboards and is an example of the 3 billboards we will have this year


Please note this is the first billboard we had and is another example of what will be used this year 


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