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Drewitts Bulbs are leaders in their product selections and the wide range of bulbs for you to choose from. They have an excellent web site which provides a full  coverage of their products.   18


Bamboo Creations have an extesive range of bamboo ideal for either a feature plant or as a garden screen.



Metal Garden Art are superb creators of unusual artistic garden features and in particular they have a new range of metal flowers and metal grass trees. Contact details  <>      73



Di's delightful Plants.

They have an extensive range of seedlings and smaller plants all ready to give a pretty garden for the spring and summer. 21

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White House Nursery.

A spectacular range of plants potted ready to plant. 22

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Today we make tools of strength, function and beauty, using the materials and techniques of a bygone era. Our tools are unique yet practical, hand made for the discerning gardener who appreciates quality.27

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Studfield Garden Centre.

Come in and talk to Graeme or Brad - we will listen and advise you with the best knowledge we can, combined we have over 50 years of garden supply experience. We pride ourselves on our excellent service to you. We look forward to renewing old acquaintances with our established clientele and meet any new customers 28

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Country Farm Perennials.

Pop along to chat to us about your needs. 29

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Delivering serious grunt at serious value, shop our Winter specials and power through with high-performance garden power tools that get the job done! Drop into see us and try the latest in tech.30

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Valley Tools.

Valley Tools is a family owned, Australian business located in Melbourne. Our mission is to make available high quality, Garden Tools and Home Maintenance products at an affordable price. With our range of ratchet secateurs, ratchet lopper sets, window and solar panel wash brushes - We make gardening and home maintenance easier.31

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The Squatting Frog Plant
Nursery & Decor Centre


The Squatting Frog Plant Nursery & Decor Centre pride themselves on old fashioned service.They stock mature and specimen trees, indoor and outdoor plants, Vegetable,Herb & flower seedlings. They also have a delivery service available. They also recently joined an outback car rally raising money for the Cancer Council.        32

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Garden Centre Yea.

Potting Mixes and soil conditioners. Manures and fertilisers. Pesticides & Fungicides Plant Protection. Products supplied from Grow Better, Manutec, Neutrog, Munash, Natrasol, Yates, Bayer.33

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Adaptable Gardens.

Adaptable Gardens believes in making gardening accessible to everyone. Whether you have a small space to create a garden in, want to expand your ability to produce food, or have a disability which impacts your ability to engage in gardening, Adaptable Gardens will have a solution to you..34

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The best range of gardening gloves. wonderful to protect your hands in all sorts of weather.   

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This Is a most spectacular plants to bring colour to your garden 65


Preet Kuer Indian Food a speciality with a extensive range of flavours and presentations


Yea Machinery have an extensive range of Kubota equipment including mowers,small garden tractors,diggers and spray equipment. They also service all their eqiupment and will come to your site. Contact them on   67


Adele from Herb,Chilli and fruit trees has an extensive display,particulaty of potted plants ready for your garden 74


Sunset Valley Chicks has a wide variety of chicks to chose from and also a variety of older chooks ready to assist in keeping the garden bugs under control.   You can contact them on https://sunsetvalley     76


Rotary Club of Yea together with the Yea Garden Club have a Bookstall which provides the opportunity to puchase books on every aspect of gardening at small cost. A great way to garther that extra bit of knowledge at minimal cost


Vendor Sites

Vendor Site No.
Adaptable Gardens 16 A & B
Ironstone nursery  
Bamboo Creations 44
Connect with Brett 42
Country Farm Perennials Seed Savers 5
Darren Gilbert  
Cruz'N'Coffee 25,27
Daryl Callander 10,11
David Barretto 22
Diamond Valley Violets 61
Di's Delightful Plants 1,2
Drewitts Bulbs 23
F.D.Ryan 4
Herb Chilli & Fruit Trees 63,64,65
Hillbilly Chilli 33
Morris Outside 6
Mr Quick Whip 37
Native Seed Box 28
Peppercorn Products 29
Preet Kaur 40
Rotary BBQue 46,47
Rotary Bookstall 39
Speakers Tent 38
Tagged4Life 19
Squatting Frog Nursery 17,18,34,35
Stihl Seymour 45
Studfiled Garden Nursery 48
Sunset Valley Chicks 57
The Potted Plant 41
Tippy Anderson 30
Treasured Perennials Nursery 8,9
Vagabond Creations 32
Valley Tools 62
Westnet Nar Nar Goon 31
Yea Garden Centre 20
Yea Machinery 58,59,60
Yea Wetlands 36
Your Scarfs 3
Yea Pottery Club 24
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