A Rotary Club of Yea Project


Small garden features to enhance your garden. 79


An extensive range of different honey from the local area and Crafted by Bees  80


Garden Art  81


A huge range of packet seeds ready to be planted. Not only flowers but also vegetable seeds, 82


Small garden features 83


Rotary Club of Yea provides a B/B/cue is a real delight for a snack. They have a variety of sausages,hamburgers,salads,vegetarian meals and egg and bacon rolls.. 84


Cruz,n,Coffee make some of the best coffees and hot drinks you will find and are really fun people.They can be contacted on facebook. 85


Learn more about Bees, How to get started,how to maintain the hives and harvest the honey and the benefits to your garden and the environment.  86


Mr. Quickwhip has all quikwhip varieties and that special treat to enhance your day at the expo.. Contact him on facebook if you need an icecream vendor at your special function  87


More Potted Plants from a vendor who really understands plants and what you need to do to achieve the best results


Callander horse shoe art is wonderful and a feature to enhance every garden. You can contact Daryl on facebook. 89


Adaptable gardens has plants for every different type of garden and the wide range of soils and climatic environments 90


Darren Gilbert Garden Art is renowned widely as probably the most spectacular art pieces to enhance any garden, They are often big and bold and realy stand out in a garden but there are also smaller art pieces available.


Indoor Catering hosted by the Yea Wetlands . There is a place to sit down indoors with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some delicious jam and cream scones and have a chat with other gardeners.


Valley Tools will provide the opportunity to find every different garden tool you are looking for and also some of the new garden tools which have been created for those specialist tasks  92


Ironstone Nursery come from Heathcote and while they have an extesive range plants they have native plants and trees which can cope with some of the harsher environments   94


Van Berkel Distributors have been inspiring australian gardens for over 70 years. Specialists in many facets of gardens particularly Wollemi pines and Flowering bulbs. Regular vendor at Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.They also have the Garden Express business for online purchasing for those extra plants you need.  Contact



Vendor Sites

Vendor Site No.
Aaha Twisty Spuds 12 & 13
Adaptable Gardens 16 A & B
Bamboo Creations 44
Connect with Brett 42
Country Farm Perennials Seed Savers 5
Cruz'N'Coffee 25,27
Daryl Callander 10,11
David Barretto 22
Diamond Valley Violets 61
Di's Delightful Plants 1,2
Drewitts Bulbs 23
F.D.Ryan 4
Herb Chilli & Fruit Trees 63,64,65
Hillbilly Chilli 33
Morris Outside 6
Mr Quick Whip 37
Native Seed Box 28
Peppercorn Products 29
Preet Kaur 40
Rotary BBQue 46,47
Rotary Bookstall 39
Speakers Tent 38
Tagged4Life 19
Squatting Frog Nursery 17,18,34,35
Stihl Seymour 45
Studfiled Garden Nursery 48
Sunset Valley Chicks 57
The Potted Plant 41
Tippy Anderson 30
Treasured Perennials Nursery 8,9
Vagabond Creations 32
Valley Tools 62
Westnet Nar Nar Goon 31
Yea Garden Centre 20
Yea Machinery 58,59,60
Yea Wetlands 36
Your Scarfs 3
Yea Pottery Club 24
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